Monday, November 16, 2009

Funny Five year old

Funny things said/done the past week or so with my 5 year old, Landon. I wanted to document for me, to remember -- but thought I would share with you as well.

3. I was asked if Santa was real. *insert crying face* I did my explanation and further asked if we can make a trip to the North Pole. He said if we got in the car and started driving where it said "N" we would be there really fast.

* The "N" he is referring to is the digital display in the car that tells you which way you are going, North, South, etc.. It's that easy, right?

2. Landon asked his dad if King and Queens and castles were real. Troy answered, and Landon asked asked in surprisement (with wide open eyes) "Do the Jacks and Aces live there too?"

3. I told Landon it would be fun as a family if maybe we got a karaokee machine for Christmas, as our family gift. He replied, "No, that wasn't on my order." "Order?", I ask in utter surprisement, but knowing where this was going. "Yes", he said. "My order to Santa is already done, and I didn't put the karaokee machine on the list".

* Um.. hello!?! ORDER? I wanted to ask him what his method of payment was.

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