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Friday, August 21, 2009

Shameless business plug

Wow... I have not done an entry in quite a while. We took a much needed vacation to Colorado to visit family. It was needed, treasured and certainly missed. I spent many summers as a child in Colorado, and it was great to share my experiences with my kids. It was a bit surreal. It was nice to escape and our biggest worry was "What's for dinner?" I will update more with some pics when I get them downloaded.

On the other hand... I am going to self-promote. Yes, I am. Not for Gavin, or any fundraising, but for my new little business. I have always worked, through college, during the first years of our marriage before kids, and even after. Over a year ago, I quit my job (career) for a software company in Irvine. I LOVED the work, it was challenging, I LOVED my coworkers -- but it was in Irvine and some weeks I put in 70 hours at times. Needless to say, I quit to be home where my heart was. Putting many hours in with over 2.5 hours of commute a day is a daunting task. I told myself I would find something part-time, close to home. I did. I found a new position, working from home, part-time. It was perfect. I am no longer career oriented, like I had been most of my adult life. I always pushed myself with my jobs, to better myself, to excel at what I do... and deciding to refocus on putting that focus and energy on your marriage and your children is something I always battled. To then have found a part-time, work from home position, I felt I had it all down. The second week of my training was the week we were confirmed with Gavin's diagnosis. I remember scheduling his appointment so I could be out of there in time to get home to jump on my conference call with the trainer. We got the diagnosis, I cried my eyes out on the drive home, jumped on the conference call, put it on mute and cried some more. I was out of sorts, and couldn't pull it together for a measley one hour conversation. Troy walked in and said, "What are you doing?" He said "Hang up". I did, and that was the end of that job. I couldn't focus on a new position, without even having a moment to come to grips with the news that was just given to me.

I know this is a battle for all parents out there. For every gain there is a loss. When I was fulfilled with my job, my family time took a hit. When I'm home with the family, on one income, our financial aspects take a hit. It's all about balance, prioritizing, and focus. I can multi-task like no other, and this played in my favor when Landon was born. The company I worked for allowed me to work from home after the birth for about a year. Mind you, at the end of the day, I looked like a dishevelled mess, but Landon was fed and happy, and my work was complete. The company was bought out, and that was that.

Needless to say, I have had some time to come to grips with Gavin's condition. My brain is able to now compartmentalize his condition, my feelings about it, and not allow it to spew into everything else. I hope that makes sense. I felt for some time that I couldn't focus on anything else. I have now become better at that. This leads me up the shameless business plug as the title says.

I have ventured into unknown territory. I have left my comfort zone of the computer/e-commerce industry and have landed in direct sales. Yes, direct sales. I don't like the term "direct sales". It sounds like you're shoving product down customers throats, or discretely trying to manipulate them. This company I have found, is nowhere near that. I am an independent jeweler, and I do home shows. The company was founded by a husband and wife, who are now in their 80's. They pride themselves and the company on integrity. It is one of the best commision plans in the United States, and the company is right here in Texas, where the jewelry is manufactured. The list goes on for why I chose this, but mainly it was because I can bring in some extra money for Gavin's medical/education bills and I can also be able to take him to all of his therapy sessions, dr appointments, etc. I plan my work around Gavin, and when I am available to leave the house for a few hours when the kids are with daddy. There is so much to share about this remarkable company, but I had my first home training show this past weekend, and my friends and family came out to be my guinea pigs. It was a success, and I'm thankful for their support.

So...(shameless business plug)... ahem. SO... if you'd like to invite a few girlfriends over and have me come and show the jewelry, you as the hostess, will receive free jewelry. Up to $100 worth before the shows date, and then 30% of the retail on the show date. No scams, no buying into anything. Nada. Email me if you'd like some more info, or if you would like to see a catalog. That concludes the business plug - thank you for your time. ;)

PS - Here is the company. They are a Christian company based on biblical principles. They're pretty wonderful!

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  1. Good for you! Your number one priority is your family and that is so admirable. That being said, I can see why you are taking this route. BEst of both worlds!!!!! Here is my official request for a booking party!!!


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